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Cajun Gumbo Fay Dodo & Cook off Cruise
From Saturday, September 23, 2017
To Sunday, September 24, 2017
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Contact Charlene Lim 832-483-8086 or Buz 513-503-7326

Iiiiiieeee sha, you got envie (a craving) for Gumbo? You know how to make a good Roux? Now you axe (ask), what do now (what do you want me to do now?)?


Boo (honey or sweetheart), I tell you make a bill (buy some groceries), paddle your Pirogue (small boat) up the bayou (north) bag daer (back there) to Bayland Marina for dat (that) Cajan Gumbo Fay Dodo & Cookoff Cruise. Make nanna’s (god mothers) best gumbo recipe or potato salad, share wit (with) TMCA friends and Vay ya (spend time talking while visiting friends) da (the) night away.

You know sha (darling), dere (there will) be beaucoup (lots of) gumbo and potato salad to taste and maybe a little zydeco so don’t be tete dure (stubborn), slow the T.V. (turn the volume down) and register today.

I know you tursty (thirsty) after your long travel up the bayou, so trow (put together) a tasty beverage in a cup and come Vay Ya (spend time talking with friends) at da (the) Bon Ton Roule docktails Fay dodo (docktail hour) at 6pm Saturday. Bring a little lagniappe (extra) (appetizer) to snack on.

After dat (that) wash up in the zinc (sink), put on your best drawz (underwear), cuz (because) da (the) Gumbo Fay Dodo (party) starts at 7pm Saturday, judging starts at 8:30pm.

Iiiieeee sha, bon ton roule (let the good times roll). I can’t wait to taste beaucoup (lots) gumbo and potato salad; we get to judge dem (them) too. Maybe a prize for da (the) best. I love lagniappe (extra) stuff.

After the Gumbo Fay dodo (party) you can go do-do (sleep) and in en d’ oeuil (in the morning) at 9am Sunday bring a dish to share along with your coffee. Daen (then) you passe (go away) down da (the) bayou back ohm (home).

Don’t make me put da (the) gree gree (a curse or spell) on you, so register today otherwise dat (that) be coo-yon (foolish).


Saturday September 23rd

Cruse down to Bayland Marina

Docktail start at 6pm (bring your favorite beverage and a appetizer to share)

Gumbo and potato salad cookoff starts at 7pm (bring either Gumbo or potato salad to share) and a chair. Hot sauce is a plus.

Judging will be at 8:30pm

Sunday September 24th

Shared Breakfast at 9am (bring your coffee or another beverage and a dish to share)

Plates, bowls, silverware and napkins will be provided.

Contact Buz or Steve for information about Bayland Marina or information about the cruise up the bayou to Bayland.  513-503-7326 or 713-825-6966.

Buz and Steve will be working the registration.

Contact Charlene or Sandy about the Fay Dodo (gumbo cookoff) 832-483-8086 or 859-630-5450.


Location Bayland Marina
Buz & Sandy 513-503-7326 or 859-630-5450
Steve & Charlene Lim 713-825-6966 or 832-483-8086

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