Texas Mariners Cruising Association

Kayak 2017 webMarch 4 was another great morning on Buffalo Bayou!  This is the sixth year that this cruise has been scheduled, and continues to be a popular one. 

We use Bayou City Shuttle which rents us the kayaks and equipment, and offers to transport your own personal kayak/canoe.

26 people joined us this year.  Heading up Memorial Drive we passed all the trail riders who were heading to downtown for the parade that morning, and we also were able to spot some while we were on the bayou.  We put in at Woodway and 610. Each year it gets better with at the spot where we put in.  Buffalo Bayou Preservation is doing a great job on the bayou.  This is the perfect time of the year, the weather was great, new leaves were coming out on the trees, and azaleas were blooming throughout River Oaks.

This is a beautiful course going thru Memorial Park, River Oaks and then viewing the downtown skyline.  Total course is about 7 ½  miles and took us about 2 ½ hours.  All along our route, Bryan Austin would break out his drone and got some excellent video of the cruise.

A fantastic surprise was seeing TMCA signs on display along the route.  Ladye Jane Stone and Bridget Upton were spotted with the first welcome sign at the walking bridge over to the Hogg Mansion.  A little later, a second one appeared at Brenner’s on the Bayou.  At Lost Lake, a third sign offering cooler of free beer and kisses (Hershey Kisses). It had started clouding over and began to sprinkle, but it didn’t dampen our spirits.  We gathered under the Waugh Bridge waiting for the group to hook up again, and then headed for the Sabine Lofts where the journey ends.  The beautification of Buffalo Bayou still continues, and it’s a beautiful place to explore by kayak, walking, or biking along the many new pathways and bridges.

Following the calorie-burning morning, we ventured over to the El Tiempo on Navigation for some well-deserved margaritas. 

Linda Schoene & Charles Parette

Chris Bown & Jerry Simoneaux

Cyndi McDermott & Melinda Whelan

Jeff & Jackie Kaspic

Lori & Larry Friemel

Kevin & Vicki Berkebile

Steve Benson & Kathleen Nau

Michael Harrison & Constantine Volo

Terry & Iris McMahon

Le Gros White & Morgan Eary

Jim & Catherine Eisele

Cindy & Brian Austin

Bill & Linda Casnovsky